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During these three days, Dr. Manjit Singh, an esteemed Orthodontist and Certified Senior Instructor from IAO Milwaukee USA, will lead the session. Dr. Singh's expertise and guidance will be invaluable in enhancing your understanding and skills in orthodontics.
"Let’s not overstep!! Give enough time for the tissue to respond.Time& Experience only add to your confidence, so also the clarity at every step turns the practice of orthodontics into a passion"       Dr.Manjit Singh
•    The philosophy of orthodontics, esthetics, function &stability

•    The principles of Diagnostics &treatment planning

•    Management of class 1,11,111 cases, what age, which appliance-Patience compliance

•    Software applications, derivation of functional analysis & other challenges in the diagnosis of dentofacial deformities.

•    Tooth movement Linear Intrusive Extrusive and Rotations

•    Orthodontic forces-how much is enough?

•    Elastics, open coil, closed coil, springs, e-chains

•    What sort of anchorage is enough!!

•    Serial growth vectors in Development & the Role of interceptive procedures

•    Guidance of occlusion

•    Management of airway problems.

•    Skeletal modifications during growth & development with various functional appliances

•    Parameters to select the indications of the type of appliance in various clinical discrepancies & their follow-up.

•    Sagittal, vertical and transverse discrepancies and their management, in adolescent & adult malocclusions; class I, II, III situations, rapid maxillary expansion options.

•    Functional Appliances and their clinical applications

•    Extraction vs. Non-extractions

•    Alternatives- Functional Fixed & Fixed Functional Aligners & Invisalign

•    A-standard MBT case sequence Plus  T loops, Teardrop loops, Omega loops, their significance & fabrication

•    Viewpoint on surgical orthodontics.

•    Diverse treatment mechanics and applications

•    Meeting the challenges of relapse & retention.

•    Adult orthodontics for the pre-prosthetic preparation & implants  & crown  & bridge prosthesis 


1 .MBT Mechanics-  non extraction cases and extraction cases :
   2.    wire sequencing
3.Maxillary anterior retraction &intrusion , 4. T loop mechanics &
torque incorporation
5.Mandibular retraction & with keyhole &tear drop loops, with torque implications
6.Utility arches for adults  and mixed dentition
7.Posted wires
8.Molar uprighting mechanics for space regaining for preposthetic  preparation  for implant placement
9Posterior teeth movements with heavy niti springs
   10.    De-rotation mechanics 11. Management of impacted canines   with Whip-arch  mechanics of retro  maxillary case,classlll cases with omega loops mesial to the molars
12 .E chains and its applications
Niti springs   open and close coils,
Using crimpable hooks

Finally!! Participants queries  their solutions

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