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Conscious sedation is becoming increasingly important in dentistry as it aims to provide patients with a fear-free and high-quality dental experience. Sedation techniques can help manage fear and anxiety in dental patients and ultimately lead to a more positive attitude towards dental health. This course is designed to equip dental clinicians and staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to administer sedation safely and efficiently.

Course Objective

The course offers hands-on training using Consed Equipment and covers issues related to procuring, installing, and maintaining sedation equipment. The primary objective of this course is to train clinicians to treat apprehensive and fearful patients who require extensive dental treatment. It provides a complete solution of inhalational sedation with Nitrous Oxide and oxygen and trains in safe sedation practice and dependable emergency management skills.

Course Outline

The course is a three-month program that includes fortnightly online lectures and one-day exclusive hands-on training.

The topics covered in the course include:

  • The history of pain and anxiety control in dentistry

  • Causes, signs, and symptoms of dental anxiety/phobia

  • Patient management techniques

  • Patient assessment for sedation

  • Cardio-respiratory physiology and anatomy relevant to sedation

  • Pharmacology of Contemporary Conscious Sedation Agents

  • Equipment required for administering sedation

  • Principles and practice of monitoring appropriate physiological variables.

  • The importance of adequate airway protection and management

  • Ideal local analgesia in sedation techniques

  • Potential difficulties and dangers of over and under-sedation

  • Principles of safe recovery and discharge following sedation

  • Medico-legal aspects of the provision of conscious sedation in the respective countries of the participant 

  • Health and safety issues affecting the provision of conscious sedation

  • Recognition and management of complications of sedation.

Furthermore, the course helps establish a sedation facility, including procurement of equipment and machinery.

ELIGIBILITY: Candidates with a bachelor's degree in dentistry from any university can apply.


ASSESSMENT: Exams will be conducted online after every unit of the lecture session, and a final evaluation will be held at the end of the course completion.

The Fees

Course Fee: £ 490 (+VAT for UK applicants)  ​

The registration process:

  • Pay  £240 Now (Balance before the first online session)

  • After payment, send a copy of the Practice license/Dental Degree and a headshot photo soft copy to 

Course Director 

Prof.Dr Srinivas Namineni 

​Namineni completed post-graduation in Pediatric Dentistry (MDS Pediatric Dentistry) from Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davangere, in 1994. He is also a renowned teacher in Pediatric Dentistry. He is one of the first members of the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD) from India.

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