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Post Graduate Diploma in
Oral Implantology

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Prof.Dr.Lalit  V Anand

MDS., PhD.,

Masters in Oral Implantology (NYU, USA).,
Fellowship in Oral Implantology( NYU, USA)., Fellowship and CPD Certification (Cambridge,UK).,

Advance training in Implantology (Harvard University, USA).,

Course Director
Dr. Kedar Bakshi
Dr. Kedar Bakshi is a fellow of ISOI and a Fellow and Diplomate of ICOI, USA, DGI Germany and Steinbeis University, Germany 
Dr. Ahmed Halim  Ayoub
Dr. Ayoub is the founder President of  Egyptian Society of Oral Implantology

Dr.Sherin A Khalam

Prof. Oral Surgery


Oral Implantology


An all-inclusive program designed to improve skills and knowledge in oral implantology is now available for clinicians. The program is created in collaboration with the highly respected University of Gran Rosario and is suitable for both seasoned professionals and beginners. The comprehensive training approach can help you quickly hone your expertise and deliver top-notch patient care. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a postgraduate diploma in oral implantology, which will serve as a valuable credential in your career.

Title  obtained:  “Post Graduate Diploma in Oral Implantology”  


To be eligible for the program, you must have a Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry from any University.

  • Once you qualify, you can start with the online lessons 1-4 and 6-7.

  • Lesson 5 is a 4-day hands-on training that comprises practical training to learn implant placement.

  • Lesson 8 is a 3-day hands-on training that comprises practical training to learn Prosthodontics.

  • Each Lesson is divided into multiple modules, ensuring you can learn at your own paceAfter completing the lessons 1-8, you will move on to sessions 9-12, with one monthly session.

  • By the end of the program, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of Oral Implantology and the skills needed to become a successful practitioner in this field.


Enroll now and take the first step towards achieving your career goals!".

The Locations for Hands-on workshops:  Bangalore / Alexandria / Somaliland

The candidates receive an Implant kit for Conventional implants 


Lesson01 ONLINE

  • What are dental implants?

  • Significant of dental implants in modern dentistry.

  • How to select a case for implants?

  • Types of dental implants?

  • Difference between Conventional (2-piece) and Cortical implants (single piece/Strategic implants),

  • What is primary stability and secondary stability?

  • What is the difference between Mechanical stability and Biological stability?

  •  Importance of Osseo-integration and its significance.

  • How do you select a case for different types of implants / (When do you use conventional implants, and how do you choose cortical implants?)

  • Post Implant Complications? And why?

  • Evaluation of forces acting on implants

  • Evaluation of natural teeth Bone as a foundation for predictable dental implants. Physiology and clinically meaningful applied science.Evaluation of bone in quality and quantity

  • Socket preservation

  • What are the different techniques for bone manipulation, and when should they be used?

Lesson02 ONLINE

  • Case selection

  • Flap and Flapless implant placements.

  • Active implants, passive implants 

  • Drilling protocol and size selection

  • Anatomy of Maxilla and Mandible.

  • Forces distribution in maxilla and mandible.

  • Anatomy of Extra maxillary, Zygomatic bone and pterygoid plates.

  • How to plan for Immediate implant placements,

  • Conditions for immediate implant placements?

  • Concepts of All on 4 & All on 6.

  • Multi-unit abutments and their importance in the immediate loading process,

  • Evolution of Zygomatic and Pterygoid implants,

  • Myths behind pterygoid implants,

  • Zygomatic and pterygoid implants in Atrophic maxilla ,

  • Zaga Concepts ( Zaga 1, Zaga 2, Zaga 3)

Lesson03 ONLINE

  • Immediate implant placements and loading using Zygomatic and pterygoid implants, Positions and angulations,

  • Cortical implants/single piece/strategic implants

  • Concept of Cartico-Basal implants?

  • Types of cortical implants(Compressive,Basal,Disk)

  • Size and drill sequence for Compressive and Basal implants.

  • What is the importance of basal bone and its uses for immediate loading?

  • What is the difference between placing conventional and cortical implants?

  • Number of implants in maxilla and mandible?

  • Pterygoid and nasal floor engagement

  • Nerve bypass and Buccal and lingual cortical encourage. 

  • Bending and occlusal reduction.

  • Concept of immediate implantation and loading. When to load implants immediately.

  • How to incorporate compression implants, basal implants, disk implants

  • When to use custom-made implants

  • Practice Enhancement And Marketing Aspect Of Implantology

  • How will you create scope for implants in day-to-day practice Clinic setup and instruments?

Lessons 04 ONLINE

  • Diagnosis:- Different Diagnostic Aids And Methods

  • Diagnostic Evaluation (Cast, Stents, OPG, CBCT, etc.) Treatment Planning

  • How multi-type implant systems can benefit from

  • different clinical situations.


Lessons 05. 4  Days ( OFFLINE)

  • Hands-On And Table Demonstration

  • Implant Terminology And Components

  • Surgical Procedures on Models Treatment Execution Considering Surgical Aspects and Prosthetic Needs (WITH SKILL ENHANCEMENT ON ANIMAL JAW)

  • Grafting procedures – different graft materials,

  • Membranes

  • Hard and soft tissue on animal jaws

  • Instruments and instrumentation Basics in surgery incision, flap design and suturing.

  • The direct and indirect sinus graft

  • Bone condensers and ridge split Surgical-prosthetic orientation Intraoral welding.


  • Sinus grafting direct and indirect Block graft

  • Ridge split

  • Connective tissue graft Piezosurgery,

  • Basal and disk implants, Nerve repositioning, Palatal roll


Lesson 6 ONLINE

  • Occlusion for natural dentition and implants

  • Placing implants in high-risk patients like bruxism and smoking. Making prostheses at the correct guidance

  • I am converting difficult situations into predictable ones.


Lesson 07  ONLINE

  • Effective use of transitional implants

  • How to program Soft tissue and connective tissue grafting

  • Temporization

  • Progressive bone loading Different impression techniques, laboratory steps

  • (prosthetic phase in detail), facebow transfers

  • How to decide long-term predictability of implants Implant success and failure Managing complication

Lesson 08  3  Days ( OFFLINE)

  • Impression protocol and its types

  • Impression components and materials

  • Evolution of the Digital Implant Impression Technique 

  • Importance of intraoral scan and implant library

  • Bite registration for single and multiple implants and Full mouth cases, conventional and Digital way.

  • Types of implant Prosthetics and its changes in the digital era.

  • Digital Smile Designing

  • A-Z Hands-on workshop for Prosthetics and Restoration


Lesson 09- 90 Minutes online

Lectures Based on Clinical Cases and  Discussion 


Assignment  Library Dissertation Submission


Lesson 10- 90 Minutes online

Studies Based on Clinical Cases and  Discussion 


Lesson 11 - 90 Minutes online

Studies Based on Clinical Cases and  Discussion 


Lesson 12 - 90 Minutes online

Studies Based on Clinical Cases and  Discussion 

The Fees

  •  Fee: £3300 (+VAT for UK applicants). Two onsite hands-on sessions and a hybrid surgical kit are included.

  • To secure your place, an initial non-refundable deposit payment of £470, which in turn will be a part of the fees

  • Monthly Instalment: 8 months x £355  

  • 5% discount for payment in full    

The registration process:


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