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Three months Certificate course in Orthodontics 

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Dr.Sebastian Abraham M.D.S


We're excited to announce our upcoming Fortnightly Online Lectures on Orthodontics.

This comprehensive training program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a clinician in orthodontics. With a focus on hands-on learning, you'll attend six online lessons, three contact sessions, and three monthly clinical case discussions over the course of three months. To secure your spot in our program, please provide us with a scanned copy of your dental practice license, headshot photo, and universally accepted ID card (passport pages are the best). After registration, we'll provide you with the location and details of the nearest training center for the contact sessions. Please make sure to bring along the required instruments listed in the eligibility criteria. Upon completing the program, you'll have the opportunity to earn a "Certificate in Orthodontics." This is a fantastic chance to enhance your orthodontic skills and knowledge, so don't miss out! Register now to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. We look forward to seeing you there!


Day 1

Lesson 1  - 90 Minutes online

-Diagnosis and treatment planning:

  • Extraoral and intraoral examinations

  • Identifying skeletal and soft tissue discrepancies

  • Formulating diagnoses in various scenarios

  • Challenging cases

  • Formulating various treatment plans​


Day 2 

Lesson 2 - 90 Minutes online

-Cephalometrics in everyday practice:​

-Bonding procedures:


Day 3 

Lesson 3 - 90 Minutes online

-Wire sequence

  • Introduction to various types of orthodontic wires

  • How to use and when to operate wires for treatment

-Bracket prescriptions

  • Types of brackets

  • Usage in various scenarios

Day 4 

Lesson 4 - 90 Minutes online

- Space-gaining methods

  • Extractions and how to justify them

  • Expansion

  • Distalisation

  • IPR

- Class 1 malocclusions

  • Management of spacing

  • Crowding cases

  • Deep bite and open bite management


Day 5

Lesson 5 - 90 Minutes online

-Class 2 malocclusions

  • Div1

  • Div2  Management

-Class 3 malocclusion

-Orthodontic camouflage procedures

Day 6 

Lesson 6 - 90 Minutes online

-finishing and detailing

  • Elastics and their use in various cases

  • Following the six keys of occlusion

  • Debonding procedure

Days 7-8-9

Lesson 7  THREE DAYS CONTACT SESSION. ( Those who are  attending online Hands-on support will have a slightly modified sequence spread over more days in short  modules)

- Instruments in orthodontics:

  • Introduction to various orthodontic instruments

  • Applications of instruments

  • Co-relating extraoral findings

-Cephalometrics in everyday practice:

  • Various ceph examinations to identify skeletal and dental problems

  • Software demo of cephalometrics

-Bonding procedures:

  • Step-by-step demo of bonding orthodontic appliances

  • Challenges in bonding and overcoming them

  • Materials used for appliance bonding

-Bracket placement on Typodonts

-Wire sequence

Day 10 

Monthly Clinical Case Discussions  -1  

Day 11 

Monthly Clinical Case Discussions  -2 

Day 12

Monthly Clinical Case Discussions  -3 

Title  obtained:  “Certificate in Orthodontics”


Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry  from any University

The training centre:

Location and details of the nearest training centre for contact sessions will be sent after registration


Send the following to

  • Scanned copy of Dental Practice License / Dental Degree 

  • Head Shot Photo soft-copy

                               Click below to register 

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