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Post-Graduate  courses in Dentistry 

Professional Skill Enhancement programs.             Medium of Instruction -English              Mode of Delivery - Hybrid 

Reinvent Yourself:
Elevate Your Clinical Dentistry Skills


Hybrid Learning Experience

Join our innovative program designed for dentists worldwide. Whether you're in Tokyo or Toronto, you can participate at your own pace. Access engaging lectures online, tailored to fit your schedule. Plus, experience hands-on sessions in vibrant cities across the globe.

Discover the future of dentistry with us.


Collaborative Endeavors

The London Academy of Dentistry is honored to collaborate with premier universities and esteemed training institutions worldwide, providing dentists with unparalleled programs meticulously crafted to elevate their knowledge and skills. As the frontrunner in continuing education within the dental field, we remain steadfast in our commitment to offering dentists unparalleled opportunities to upskill and stay abreast of advancements in their profession.

Join us in shaping the future of dental education and practice.


Expert Trainers

Our team of trainers consists of distinguished academics and seasoned clinicians, each renowned in their fields. Drawing from their extensive expertise, they will deliver engaging online lectures and demonstrations, setting the stage for immersive hands-on clinical sessions. Through their mentorship, participant dentists will acquire invaluable insights and practical skills, empowering them for excellence in their chosen specialties.

Embark on your journey to mastery with guidance from the best in the field.


The Certification Process

Candidates are required to fulfill a designated number of hours in the Hybrid training mode. Following each session, candidates must pass a test, with passing scores meticulously tabulated. Additionally, for all Postgraduate Diplomas, candidates must submit a library dissertation. The final evaluation will be administered either offline or online. Diplomas can be obtained during a university ceremony or delivered upon request. Our certificate programs are designed as short, intensive courses aimed at initiating clinical activity promptly.

Set yourself on the path to certification and professional advancement with our comprehensive programs.


Cadaver Training for Implant Procedures

Completion of our implant program includes essential cadaver training. Our Cadaveric Research and Training unit provides a distinctive learning environment akin to an operating theatre. Here, participants engage with specimens closely resembling real-life scenarios, ensuring an immersive and authentic learning experience.

Prepare for the complexities of implant procedures with hands-on training in a realistic setting. Elevate your skills to the next level with us.


Exclusions Notice

Kindly be aware that the course fees do not encompass specific expenses. These exclusions include workshop and clinical program materials, prescribed textbooks, accommodation, travel, visa expenses, and other related costs. Candidates are advised to budget for these additional expenses accordingly to avoid any unexpected financial obligations.

Plan ahead to ensure a seamless experience throughout the program.

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