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One-year Course in Orthodontics 

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Orthodontist Certified Senior Instructor IAO Milwaukee USA



This program offers basic hands-on training in Orthodontics that will be completed in  12  MONTHS . This program is suitable for general dentists and specialists who need personal tuition with offline modules. 

The highlights of the program

  • Online sessions fortnightly

  • Online lectures recorded for revision with anytime access from the cloud

  • Ongoing support after the course

  • Fellowship Certificate from London Academy of Dentistry UK Participants can present their cases for support using a unique template.

  • Upgrade to a University Diploma in the future

  • Upon completion of the program, the candidate gets CPD.

  • ( Continuing Professional Development) credits from UK


DAY 01  - 90 Minutes online

  • Concept of Beauty & Divine Proportions

  • Growth and Development Occlusion and Guidance of Occlusion


DAY02 - 90  Minutes online

  • Malocclusion

  • Etiology of malocclusion Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning


DAY03 - 90  Minutes online

  • Cephalometric and software application


DAY04  - 90  Minutes online

  • TMJ

  • Muscles of mastication

  • Tonsils

  • Adenoid

  • Airway


DAY05 - 90  Minutes online

  • Biology of tooth movement and its effects.

  • Treatment concepts-Pre adjusted appliances

DAYS  06-07-08 - 3 Days Offline

  • Biomechanics

  • Orthodontic materials, wire, and elastics & associated allergies to Ni & Latex

  • Properties of materials and applications

  • Anchorage control, leveling & aligning

  • Functional Appliances and their clinical applications

  • Extraction vs. Nonextractions Bite opening procedures Versatility of appliances - Roth, MBT Severity of malocclusion and methods of gaining space Interceptive orthodontics/oral habits

  • Extraoral/intra-oral anchorage,

  • mini screws applications

  • Hands-on exercises:

    • Ortho instrumentation

    • Bracket positioning on Typodont

    • Band fabrication on Typodont

    • Cephalogram Tracing & Analysis

    • Wire bending exercises

    • Soldering and welding

DAY09- 90 Minutes online

  • Biology of tooth movement and Space closure mechanics

  • Management of class 1 malocclusions


DAY10- 90 Minutes online

  • Management of cleft lip and cleft palate

  • Root resorption and its management in orthodontics


DAY11- 90 Minutes online

  • Overjet reduction

  • Management of class II malocclusions

  • Adult Orthodontics


DAY12- 90 Minutes online

  • Finishing and detailing


DAY13- 90 Minutes online

  • Management of class III malocclusion


DAY14- 90 Minutes online

  • Sectional orthodontics


DAY15- 90 Minutes online

  • Viewpoint on surgical orthodontics.

  • Diverse treatment mechanics and applications


DAY16- 90 Minutes online

  • Concept sharing on lingual orthodontics


DAY17- 90 Minutes online

  • Relapse and its management.


DAY18- 90 Minutes online

  • Diagnosis treatment planning

  • software applications, derivation of functional analysis & other challenges in the diagnosis of dentofacial deformities.

DAY19- 90 Minutes online

  • Serial growth vectors in Development & the Role of interceptive procedures

  • Guidance of occlusion

  • Management of airway problems.

DAY20 - 90 Minutes online

  • Skeletal modifications during growth & development with various functional appliances

  • Parameters to select the indications of the type of appliance in various clinical discrepancies & their follow-up.

DAY21 - 90 Minutes online

  • Sagittal, vertical & transverse discrepancies & their management, in adolescent & adult malocclusions; class I, II, III situations, rapid maxillary expansion options.

DAY22- 90 Minutes online

  • Principles of treatment mechanics, various options, MTB philosophy & versatility.

DAY23- 90 Minutes online

  • Self-ligating brackets

DAY24 - 90 Minutes online

  • Clear aligners with their applications & limitations.

DAY25- 90 Minutes online

  • Space management & Anchorage enhancement with temporary anchorage devices

DAY26- 90 Minutes online

  • Extraction & Non-Extraction Philosophy

DAY27- 90 Minutes online

  • Meeting the challenges of relapse & retention.

Title  obtained:  “Fellowship in Orthodontics”


Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry  from any University

The training center 

The training centers are available worldwide. Please select a center of choice 

Candidates must bring the following instruments for the session:

  1. Weingart or How plier

  2. Omega o loops pliers

  3. Distal end cutter plier

  4. Cutter pliers

  5. Light wire cutter pliers

  6. Angle 442 pliers

  7. Tweezers to put brackets

  8. Calibre to put brackets

  9. Mosquito pliers

  10. Mathews pliers

  11. Probe


Send the following to

  • Scanned copy of Dental Degree Certificate

  • Scanned copy of Dental Practice License

  • Head Shot Photo soft-copy

  • First and Last Pages of the Passport

                               And click  below to register 

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